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Are You Ready To Cash In Your Piggy Bank?

Are you receiving periodic payments because you sold real estate, personal property or a business, and created a note to receive your money? As the payments trickle in, do you have a new situation in your life for which you need a larger sum of cash? Do you now have an opportunity to start a new business or make a wise investment?. NoteSolutions can answer those questions for you by providing cash for your cash flows. That is, providing a lump sum of cash to purchase some portion, or all of the payments you receive from the note you are holding.

The price you receive for your note, will be determined by the note buyer using criteria that apply to that specific type of note. As a note broker I have flexibilty and options to offer you, that an individual note buyer does not. Each buyer has strengths and weaknesses based on personal style, dislike for certain note characteristics, and the limitations of their funding sources. This makes it tougher for the individual buyer to be an ideal match for your particular note and your specific needs. Your needs are a critical element in the process of structuring how a note is purchased. NoteSolutions will identify your needs and match them with the ideal note buyer to fulfill your needs.

Robert Duplicki is the broker at NoteSolutions. He has a BA in Economics, MBA, and CPCU (Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter) certification. Robert spent eighteen years in the commercial insurance business as an underwriter, licensed broker and account manager. He has owned rental property, done rehabs, held a couple second mortgages, sold those, brokered other note deals and created and maintains this website.

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My network of investors is ready to purchase notes of all types. Let me handle the negotiating for you to give you top dollar for your note.


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