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Referrals Are Greatly Appreciated

I hope that you see the value of the services provided by NoteSolutions.us. If you know someone that owns a secured promissory note of any type, please refer them to me. It may be someone who needs cash, or who no longer wants to deal with the process of holding a note. For others, they may have the need to create a note in order to sell a property or a business, along with the need for a quick sale of the note to follow. I can pay cash for their notes. Please keep in mind that this referral program is not offered to note brokers and for note pools.

Referral Fee

For each referral I will pay a fee of $200 to $1,000 or make an equivalent contribution to the charity of your choice. This requires that the sale of a note actually closes. The amount will depend on the details of the note transaction. The fee must be fair in order to provide the best value to the note seller. As stated in my Referral Commission Agreement. I will also pay a commission on subsequent purchases of notes, owned by sellers previously referred by a particular source, even if the note seller contacts me directly.

Steps To Complete A Referral

  1. Refer note owners, and prospective note owners, to NoteSolutions.us. All I am asking is that you let people know that I may be able to help them. Any additional commentary you choose to make, is up to you. The note seller or seller's representative will need to complete a worksheet to start the process. I will need to have direct contact with the seller along the way. You may follow up with the seller depending on your role.

  2. Send an email to bob@notesolutions.us, with your contact information and that of your referral's. This will give me a heads up and allow me to contact you if a referral fee is payable.

  3. Prior to a referral fee being paid, you will need to complete a Referral Commission Agreement. I will notify you ahead of time when a closing is scheduled. Email the agreement to bob@notesolutions.us or fax it to 855-975-2875, along with your payment instructions.

  4. Your fee will be paid promptly after the note purchase closes, as agreed.

  5. As soon as the amount of your fee(s) reaches $600 or more in one year, the IRS requires that I provide you and them with 1099 forms. So before I can make that fee payment to you I will need an IRS Form W-9 from you. Please click that link, complete the W-9, save it and go to my File Upoad Form. It's short and it provides you with encrypted security to submit the W-9 to me.

Thank you in advance for your referrals. If you have any questions, please send an email to bob@notesolutions.us.


To Expedite Your Results Please Complete A Worksheet

For your security all worksheets are encrypted. This gives you the most effective protection for your data, and protects your privacy.